Wireless Consulting

The complexity of current wireless technologies goes beyond imagination. 2G (in some places), 3G, 4G, 5G operate together along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-IoT, LoRa, SigFox, etc. On top of that, standards are evolving on a fast pace, yielding explosion of the number of patents and system features. Research does not stop, discussing new features and already 6G.

This requires to carefully take into consideration all the different aspects to successfully introduce or operate a wireless system for a specific requirement. System design, feature or patent analysis, technology selection and forecasting are some of the required activities.

Having extensive experience in the field of modern wireless systems we offer high quality consulting and advisory services delivered by our seasoned engineers and consultants.

Why us?

  • independent consultancy
  • experts who are working in the field for 30+ years, seasoned in knowledge transfer
  • team working at the wireless technology forefront (currently 5G and 6G)
  • vast R&D expertize including simulation, Proof-of-Concepts and measurements campains
  • international experience
  • customer-oriented and flexible in adapting to customer’s needs

Advisory Services

RIMEDO Labs Consulting provides advisory in the following areas:

  • technology and feature forecasting and analysis
  • preparation of feasibility studies
  • systems architecting
  • wireless systems patent analysis
  • standards tracking
  • expert/R&D team outsourcing
  • know-how delivery
  • radio planning and site surveys

How we work?

Proactivity and having the customer always in the loop and up-to-date are the key points of our operation. Feedback and not-leaving our partner with unanswered questions are complementing our approach. Check out our process below and try us out!

Requirements gathering and analysis

Discussion with the customer to obtain all required information and analysis of the requirements.

We offer free 1hr consultancy to discuss your projects and answer initial questions.

Contact us to talk about your requirements

Offer preparation and service delivery

Providing alternatives or best single offer according to requirements. The customer is assigned a dedicated consultant to lead the assignment.

Shall you be ready to ask for offer, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Contact us to obtain an offer for your project.

Feedback and post service support

We include offline Q&A in a certain period after the main service is delivered, to make sure that the customer is not left with unanswered questions.

Free Q&A period after the service is delivered. The period duration depends on the agreement and particular project.

Contact us for the post-service support.