Rimedo Labs


Rimedo Labs specializes in providing high-quality consulting, implementation, and R&D services in the field of modern wireless systems, currently focusing on Open RAN, 5G and beyond.

We implement this through an individual and open approach to the client, constantly improving the team operationally and substantively, updating knowledge and a unique combination of science and business applications.

Rimedo Labs is a member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and O-RAN ALLIANCE focusing its efforts on Open RAN xApp development.

Rimedo Labs is a spin-off of the Poznan University of Technology, Poland from the Institute of Radiocommunications.

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Rimedo Labs’ vision is to become a European leader in consulting and implementation services in the field of modern wireless solutions.

The mission of Rimedo Labs is to provide the best-quality and content-related consulting and research and development services in the field of wireless systems. The mission is carried out through an individual and open approach to the client, a constantly improved operational and content-related team, updating knowledge and a unique combination of the application of science and business. We are building an agile team of experts doing interesting and niche projects.

Within the company, we create a culture of systematic deepening of the knowledge of the entire team – incl. by organizing in-company seminars / training / workshops – so that everyone has a chance to grow and that everyone understands the subject in which we operate.

Team First: motivated team – satisfied customer. Our Team is the most important asset that cares about our valued Customers.

Openness & Transparency: inside and outside of the company. Open and transparent rules and communication within the Team and towards the Customer.

Strive for Excellence: in processes, technology and serving the Customer. We focus on getting better every day to fulfill the requirements of our Customers and improve our internal processes.

Knowledge Sharing: inside and outside of the company. As research is central to our work, we care about staying up to date with the newest technologies and share the knolwedge internally and externally.

Reliability: the Team and the Customer can rely on us. We care about our Customers to be served with highest quality and our Team by having their back.

Our story

How about combining expert knowledge, professional experience, business approach, and creative approach to innovation in the field of wireless systems in one place? Rimedo Labs is a unique combination of the world of science and business; a team of experienced specialists and scientists, ready to share the knowledge accumulated for years. They are people who can translate concepts such as Open RAN, LTE, 5G, 6G, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, or Private Mobile Networks into practical and working solutions and open companies to completely new possibilities.

Rimedo Labs is a spin-off of the Poznan University of Technology, one of the best technical universities in Poland. The founders gained their experience during scientific and research work, combining them with cooperation with equipment manufacturers and operators in local and global projects. Today they are ready to technologically support organizations in an innovative, wireless transformation. Their mission is also to further develop in the field of radiocommunication and to attract the best young talents – students and graduates.

Rimedo in Esperanto is a „resource” and „method”. In this cooperation, you will gain both of these things.

Why us?

Rimedo Labs is a unique combination of science and business in the field of wireless systems.

  • Experience

    Experienced scientific and research staff. Worked for equipment manufacturers, operators, national and international projects.

  • Spin-off character

    Close cooperation with the Poznan University of Technology. Access to specialized measuring and research tools.

  • Expertize

    Most of the staff have a minimum doctorate degree specializing in radiocommunication.

  • Combining university and business skills

    A non-standard and modern approach to the topic.

  • Member of industry organizations

    Contributor and member of O-RAN Alliance, Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and EUWENA.

See what customers say about us

„Our initial contact with Rimedo Labs quickly expanded into several cooperation areas. It is an absolute pleasure to discuss in open and transparent environment, where we focused on solutions adding actual value to both parts. O-RAN training delivered by Marcin was one of those. Simply top class solution helping my Teams to grasp technology overview, as well as deep dive into engineering details. More yet to come, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Michał Mariański
Head of Delivery Unit Baseband Poland at TietoEVRY

„I worked with Marcin and his group through CAsE Analysis and we couldn’t have been more impressed. Marcin communicates clearly, is timely with his work and responses, and is technically top notch. He and his team’s knowledge and experience in 4G and 5G is unparalleled. It was a pleasure working with him his team and I look forward to the next project.”

Charles Eldering
CEO, CAsE Analysis

“Open RAN xApps are designed to enable innovation and make it possible for third-parties to introduce innovative functionality into traditionally closed RAN ecosystems. It is great to see Rimedo Labs at the leading edge of advancing this notion by introducing and open-sourcing a Traffic Steering xApp. This is a testament of the power of Open-RAN, and the power of community-based open collaboration. We are looking forward to further collaborate with Rimedo Labs Team.”

Saurav Das
VP Engineering, Open Networking Foundation

“We had a pleasure to attend O-RAN System Training, organized by Rimedo Labs and delivered by Marcin. Despite the challenging topic, training upheld to highest standards with a lot of technical details and great discussions on multiple technical aspects. More than once, additional materials and references were delivered to the participants to broaden the coverage of the topics discussed. Plans of continue working with Rimedo are already on the way and we are looking forward to it!”

Petar Jandric
Business Unit Lead, Umlaut

„We’ve been collaborating with Rimedo Labs on communication networks standardization analysis. The firm’s experts proved to be knowledgeable, thorough, and swift in their analysis. Since our engagement has been successful, we’re planning on continuing our collaboration.”

Amos Freund
VP R&D, Autotalks LTD

„Excellent System Training for anyone who wants to learn more about the nuts and bolts of Open RAN. Covers in depth the Open RAN architecture based on O-RAN Alliance specifications and 3GPP including E2 nodes, RAN Intelligent Controller, SMO, all interfaces, the importance of automation, detailed use case analysis and so much more. Comes with several bonuses incl. a 90min chapter on Open RAN specific network slicing. Thanks to Rimedo Labs for creating this course!”

Stefan Kreyssig
Network Solution Architect, Atos

Meet our management team

A unique blend of scientific and business experience.

Marcin Dryjański, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant / CEO

Marcin Dryjanski received his Ph.D. (with distinction) in the field of technical sciences, discipline: technical computer science and telecommunications at the Poznan University of Technology in September 2019. Over the past 12 years, Marcin served as an R&D engineer and consultant, technical trainer, technical leader and co-founder and a board member of Grandmetric. He was responsible for the architecture of software solutions and training in LTE / LTE-Advanced, SON, radio interface design, MIMO, OFDMA, radio protocols, etc., which were carried out for leading mobile operators, suppliers and research institutions around the world, including in Saudi Arabia, Chile, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Poland.

In addition, Marcin was an active representative and speaker at numerous conferences, including Asilomar, Globecom, VTC, ICC, ISWCS, World 5G Summit, SON Conference, MWC, EUCNC, Crowncom, Wireless Innovation Forum and 5G-World. Marcin has been involved in 5G design since 2012, when he was the leader of the work package in the FP7 5GNOW and FP7 SOLDER projects. From 2018, he is a Senior IEEE Member. He is a co-author of many articles on 5G and LTE-Advanced Pro and a co-author of the book „From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G” (M. Rahnema, M. Dryjanski, Artech House 2017). From October 2014 to October 2017, he was an external consultant at Huawei Technologies Sweden AB, working on algorithms and architecture of the RAN network for LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G systems.


Prof. Hanna Bogucka

Head of Cooperation / Board Member

Hanna Bogucka received the Ph.D. degree with honors and the Doctor Habilitus degree in Telecommunications from Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poznan, Poland in 1995 and 2006 respectively. Currently, she is a full professor and the Director of the Institute of Radiocommunications at PUT. Moreover, prof. Bogucka is the co-founder, Board Member, and the Head of Cooperation of RIMEDO Labs, a spin-off from PUT. Prof. Bogucka is involved in research in the area of wireless communications: radio resource management, cognitive radio, and green communication. She has been involved in multiple European 5th – 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 projects, European COST actions, National Science Centre projects, and industry cooperation. She is the author of over 200 research papers, 3 handbooks in the area of radio communications and digital signal processing (in Polish), and 3 scientific monographs on cognitive radio.

Prof. Hanna Bogucka was elected the corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) in 2016. Since 2017 she is a member of the Electronics and Telecommunication Committee of PAS, and vice-chair of this Committee since 2020. In 2017-2020 she represented PAS in Euro-CASE (European Council of Applied Sciences Technologies and Engineering) EngEdu Platform (Engineering Education Platform). Since 2019 she is a member of the Presidium of the Poznan Branch of PAS. In 2020 she received the award of the Leader of Polish Teleinformatics. In 2020, she was included in the Perspektywy list of Top 15 Women in 5G, published by Forbes and Perspektywy monthly. Prof. Bogucka has been appointed IEEE Communications Society Director of the EAME Region (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and elected IEEE Radio Communications Committee Chair for the term of 2015-2016. Currently, she is the IEEE ComSoc Fog/Edge Industry Community Regional Chair in Europe, and elected Member at Large of the IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors representing EMEA region (2023-2025).


Adrian Kliks, Ph.D.

Chief Architect / Board Member

Adrian Kliks received his postdoctoral degree in technical sciences, discipline: technical computer science and telecommunications in February 2019. He works as a university professor at the Institute of Radiocommunications of the Poznan University of Technology. He took part in numerous international research projects: URANUS, NEWCOM ++, ACROPOLIS, COGEU, NEWCOM #, COHERENT, in COST IC0902 and COST-Terra (IC 0905) and in national projects EcoNets, Bionets, OPUS project manager on V2X communication, and did he manage numerous industrial and commissioned projects.

A member of the IEEE for many years, IEEE Senior Member since 2013, a member of the IEEE Broadcasting Society, IEEE Communication Society, IEEE Standard Association​. Dr hab. Adrian Kliks, participated in the years 2012-2017 in the work of the IEEE P1900.x standardization group, as a member with voting rights, and also served as secretary.​ Member of the groups: Radio Communications Committee and Research Group on Software Defined and Virtualized Wireless Access. In the years 2014-2016 he was the Membership Development / Web Visibility Chair in the IEEE for the EMEA area​. From 2019 – editor-in-chief of the Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology of the Institute of Communications, editor-in-chief of EAI Endorsed Transactions on Wireless Spectrum​.


Paweł Kryszkiewicz, Ph.D.

Technical Director

Paweł Kryszkiewicz received his Ph.D. (with distinction) in the field of technical sciences, the telecommunications discipline at the Poznan University of Technology in 2015. Since October 2010 he has been working at the Poznan University of Technology, currently at the Institute of Radiocommunications as an adjunct.​ He participated in the COST IC0902 (Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks) project and projects implemented under the 7th EU Framework Program: NEWCOM # (Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications), ACROPOLIS (Advanced coexistence technologies for radio optimization and unlicensed spectrum) and COGEU (COGnitive radio systems for efficient sharing of TV white spaces in EUropean context), where it deals mainly with the problems of the physical layer of cognitive radio systems. He is also working on „Methods of receiving signals for cognitive radio systems using NC-OFDM modulation” as part of the Preludium grant from the National Science Center.

Partners & Customers


Advisory Board​

World-class wireless Advisors including industry, standardization and academic experts.
Prof. T. Russell Hsing
Advisory Council Member for Harvard Business Review, USA
Russell Lundberg
Consultant & Senior Manager, USA
Prof. Lajos Hanzo
Prof. at University of Southampton, UK
Youssouf Mouhamedou, Ph.D.
Manager, Smart Cities Strategy at NEOM, Saudi Arabia
Prof. H. Vincent Poor
Professor at Princeton University, USA


One of the outcomes of our active participation in the research community are books published by well-known publishers, like Wiley, Artech House and Springer.

Adrian Kliks, Pawel Kryszkiewicz, Faouzi Bader, Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou, Carlos E. Caicedo, Aydin Sezgin, Nikos Dimitriou, Michal Sybis (Eds.)

Cognitive Radio-Oriented Wireless Networks

Springer 2019

ISBN 978-3-030-25748-4, 410 Pages


Moe Rahnema, Marcin Dryjanski

From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G

Artech House, London 2017

ISBN: 978-1-630-81453-3, 372 Pages


Hanna Bogucka, Adrian Kliks, Pawel Kryszkiewicz

Advanced Multicarrier Technologies for Future Radio Communication: 5G and Beyond

John Wiley & Sons, New York 2017
ISBN: 978-1-119-16889-8, 304 Pages


Oliver Holland, Hanna Bogucka, Arturas Medeisis (Eds.)

Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing and White Space Access: The Practical Reality

John Wiley & Sons, New York 2015

ISBN: 978-1-119-05730-7, 736 Pages

Our selected publications

„Policy-Based Traffic Steering and Load Balancing in O-RAN-Based Vehicle-to-Network Communications”, P. Sroka, L. Kulacz, S. Janji, M. Dryjanski, A. Kliks, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, May 2024, download here

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